Our Process

The following is our purchase order process:

  1. Buyer submits Purchase Order (PO) and Proof of Funds (POF) letter from a banker
  2. Hugo Posh (HP) confirms pricing and estimated delivery
  3. HP issues ICPO and terms for buyer to execute
  4. Buyer has 24 hours to execute ICPO amd terms and arrange for payment
  5. Buyer arranges their payment method
  6. HP processes order

PO Requirements

  • Submit PO with following items to orders@hugoposh.com
  • Legal name address of the purchaser
  • Purchaser Contact
  • Legal name and address of the Seller:
         Hugo Posh Medical, LLC
         7000 Central Parkway
         Suite 1100
         Atlanta, GA 30328
  • PO Number
  • PO Date
  • Item Description
  • Quantity
  • Unit Price
  • Total Order Amount
  • Payment Terms
  • Shipping Method
  • Shipping Destination
  • Authorized Signature


Submit orders to: